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Beautiful Hungary

Being lost in admiration of the unique panorama of Budapest on the banks of the Danube, to taste the wine of kings, to fill yourself up in Pannonhalma with the spirit of the Benedictines, to experience infinity in the "puszta", these are all experiences in itself that are worth traveling for. No matter when you come, Hungary is magical, but if you’re still wondering which season is the best, it is time to visit and decide.

From March the country springs into colour with spring festivals, blooming flowers and more and more outdoor activities. Summer tends to be rather hot, though you can do more sightseeing due to longer days. In the warm evenings you can enjoy many outdoor events, or just sit in a terrace of a café or restaurant. Wandering around Hungary in autumn is even more enjoyable. The falling leaves in thousands of colours of yellow, red and green, the fresh and mildly cool air with late summer sunshine borrow a special athmosphere what you can not miss. Do not be surprised if you bump into a pleasant wine or food festival somewhere in the country. The atmosphere of Advent season takes you to another dimension as big and small squares give place to Christmas markets in the country. In festive mood decorated and lighted up streets await you while the smell of delicious foods, sweet holiday cakes and mulled wine fly around in the air.

The central European country offers something for everyone.

Hungary’s capital city is its prime attraction and a great reason to visit the country. Budapest offers something to suit all tastes, from a vibrant and eclectic nightlife to great shopping and plenty of architectural landmarks to visit. Hungary’s countryside is filled with naturally beautiful sights, and the best part is they’re often relatively undiscovered and unspoiled! At first glance, Hungary is a time machine, filled with structures and monuments that are considered treasure troves by its people and those who visit us. From Roman ruins and medieval townhouses to baroque churches to neoclassical public buildings and art nouveau bathhouses and schools, there’s so much on offer. Once in Hungary - you will never get bored or run out of activities to do. The country has a massive offering of activities ranging from opera, hiking, markets, the Budapest nightlife and tours of their various national landmarks. Hungary’s thermal waters are known across the world, and the country has made the most of this natural offering: From the world’s largest thermal lake available to bathers (Lake Héviz), to thermal baths inside a series of caves (The Cave Bath), it’s time to kick back and relax in unique surroundings. Budapest has 118 thermal baths and natural springs, more than any other capital city in the world. The medicinal waters offer a great way to relax and to regenerate. Hungarian folk culture is rich and steeped in tradition: folk arts and crafts are still produced to this day, while there are plenty of museums to visit for those interested in learning more about Hungary’s folk heritage. Discover also the Hungarian cuisine with us. Spicy, rich and an extravaganza of different flavors, Hungary’s cuisine is a delicious and surprising discovery for many travelers to the country. Wine has been as well an essential part of the Hungarian history, it played a very important role in the local culture and last but not least it has been a quintessential part of the gastronomy for hundreds of years. Visit the finest wineries of Hungary and experience the viticulture while tasting their best wines and enjoying their high-end cuisine.

From its cosmopolitan capital city to its charming countryside, there are plenty of reasons to put a trip to Hungary on your travel bucket list. Do not hesitate to visit with us this unique country, and check our tours and programs. Book with us your next unforgettable holiday!