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We create experiences for our customers creatively, using all the splendid cultural sources that Budapest and Hungary provide. There are plenty of interesting and breath-taking program possibities and great venues what we can offer to our customers.

The term « incentive » relates to events that are designed to motivate participants and increase the effectiveness of a team with a common experience. Action and intensity are always part of the incentive, regardless of its duration or the number of people involved. The incentive is not a standard program without any relief. Its power lies in the originality and access to exclusive products, unusual and usually inaccessible, that only an event agency can put at your fingertips.
OTP Travel provides the best solutions for the organization and the choice of location, transportation, accommodation, programs, tours, excursions, restaurants, entertainment, activities…OTP Travel also offers a wide selection of team-building activities. Whether your group prefers adventure or arts, we can build a fun, challenging, and unique team-building activity for them. We customize activities for each group. During teambuilding activities, the participant detaches him/herself from his/her own goals and instead, works proactively in group cohesion, with the strength of plurality; through reward, recognition, friendliness or simply exchange.

Based on your specifications, OTP Travel will create an incentive which fits the image of your business. Our greatest value is to know how to create your event taking into account your budget and requirements.